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About us

Gem Art is a company that manufactures, supplies, and trades in diamonds and colored gemstones. We supply diamonds and gemstones to the most exclusive clients in the biggest trading centers worldwide.

Gem Art owners are strongly rooted in the industry for over four decades and have gained an impeccable reputation of highly skilled merchants.

Avi Meirom - President
Avi Meirom is an active member of the international diamond and gemstone community, and served as a member of the board of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) as well as the International Colored Gemstones Association (ICA) and is an ICA founding member.

Ori Meirom - Managing director
Ori is the managing director and VP Diamonds of Gem Art.
Ori established and managed the gemstone cutting center "Advanced Cutting Center" in Bangkok, Thailand. He has built the lapidary and managed it for four years.
Following this position, Ori Meirom was the marketing manager of "Menavi International" and of "Total Gem Company" for six years.

Mission of statement - Obligation to Quality, Quantity, and Uniqueness
- Gem Art will provide you with certified diamonds and gemstones checked by known gemological institutes.
- Gem Art will provide you with large quantities and at the same time keep our excellent quality.
- Gem Art will provide you with unique gems, special size, rare color or unique cuts. It can meet any request.

Gem Art assures its clients the most competitive prices, precision and efficiency as required of a first class gemstone company.

Our services:

Assessing and evaluating
Gem art has the experience and the reputation to give you an accurate
assessment of your diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry.
Please contact us for assessments and evaluations meeting your specific needs.

Cutting services
Gem art can provide you with cutting services. For rough or fine cut assuring
full exploitation of the stone.
Please contact us for receiving information over our cutting service: mail@gems-art.com

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We can supply any gemstone diamond or jewelry design, Please contact us for more details

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